The Wealthy Entrepreneur Scorecard

7 Steps To Keeping More While Working Less

Install A Proven Wealth Building System Into Your Business.

As a business owner you have full control over how to live your life. You have the freedom to work when you want, how you want with who you want. But what comes next?

Is your business also your retirement plan?

Are your business profits turning into personal wealth?

Do you know how to protect your money? Keep your money? And multiply you wealth?

Or just investing in a handful of tools hoping that you save enough for you and your family to enjoy a financially free life?

As a trusted financial advisor for decades, I’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs to install a system for building wealth in their life.

No more “risky” investments. No more hoping and guessing. No more piecing together dozens of financial tools.

This book contains your step-by-step guide to true wealth:

  • The clear 7-piece roadmap based on my 15-years as a financial advisor. Skip the abundance of unregulated advice online and find out exactly what you need to build true wealth on page 21.
  • Is your business growing but wealth stuck? I’ll show you exactly how to protect and grow your cash flow to unlock full abundance. It’s all from a 3-level Hierarchy of Wealth on page 18.
  • Safety is step number 1. In business, there are many risks and threats to your cash flow and assets. We go through my two fool-proof tools to protect not just your net worth but also your monthly cash flow on page 28.
  • Never miss out on a chance to invest and grow your money. My 2×2 Passive Income Matrix allows your to weigh each investment so you know when to pass.. And when you’re ready to invest without fear of wasting your time, energy, or money, on page 60.

Plus there’s 67 other pages full of installing the Entrepreneurial Wealth System into your life.

If you work alone or with a team, from home or a coffee shop, this guide is for you. It offers a new simple, clear system to save, keep and grow your wealth. Check it out today.

Daniel Z, Reviewer

Keeps me focused when it comes to keeping my money

Dustin R, Reviewer

Making money is great - building wealth is better!